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A life made of Clueless references
"Lucy, you know I don't speak Mexican"
So here's the thing...

I know I've been quite the neglectful mum to my little LJ. It's just that I've got so much going on right now.

I'm busy.
And lazy.

A very baaaad combination.

I've been thinking about writing in my MySpace blog as opposed to keeping this one up just because I tend to check my MySpace account daily (seeing as how I receive important youtube videos and pictures of my friends they took of themselves in the bathroom mirror). It's like two birds, one stone. But I hate the way that blog looks and works.

Lj is purty.

I'm still debating.
I'll let you know what's up.

I'm out. But first:

How to make a Cherry

1 part success

3 parts self-sufficiency

1 part empathy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of sadness

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The return of internet to my life has proven to be even more of a distraction than expected. There's just so much to do. So much to look at. There's never enough time in a day.

I woke up late today. 1pm. I spent all night obsessing over MySpace. I just can't seem to leave my profile alone. I keep changing my default photo, changing my background, fucking with the music. I'm such a mess. I'm trying to see if I can leave it alone for at least a week. Prove to myself that MySpace isn't ruling my life.

HAhahahhh! I sound RIDICULOUS!

I'm just so in love with my new computer. I can't wait to get started on graphic design projects.

There's this antique bizzare I always browse through in the EAV. It's filled with all kinds of vintage odds and edds. I've been eyeing this desk:

Paul McCobb desk, very similar to this one.

I stopped by today just to say hello to it and it was gone! Somebody bought it! I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I mean, it wasn't very practical any way. It was entirely too small. OH! But it was so gorgeous! I did manage to walk out with an old hat box for $10. Something I've always wanted at a damn good price. Love it!

It's just like this one but it's black with a red and black plaid design on the front and back.

Later today will be the second AND final rehearsal for our little Solistice show Laura and Jamarie are presenting. It's just this intimate little presentation of how the Solstice works. I get to play the guitar in it so I am VERY pleased. We'll be presenting this mini-play right for a few friends right before dusk on thursday, which is the Summer Solstice. We are then going to camp out "in the woods" to celebrate nature! (MUST BRING BUG REPELLENT) Word on the street is that there might be some lysergic acid diethylamide in the woods. That would help me make sense of the trees.

Oh hey! I learned how to play "Alone" by Heart on the guitar.

I feel a bit: excited excited

And with a vengeance.
I can't seem to get off this damn computer.
Remember human touch?
Nope, not really.

Oh well...


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Today was the last day of Stand-In Sister, the collaborative workshop feminist conceptual performance piece. Yeah.

It was a great experience, no doubt. HIgh school was the last time I did any theatre stuff, so it was delightful in that aspect. There were nights when I dreaded rehearsal, though. Times when I wanted to explode with frustration with the author of the play. I swear to GOD that woman thinks I'm an idiot. Incapable of anything! Did I give her any reason to feel this way? Perhaps she saw my confusion from lack of direction and took that as a lack of contribution from stupidity.

Did that make sense?

Either way, here are some more recent pictures of me.

Still dirrrtyCollapse )

And this is a shirt I made!
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... I'll be listening to and staring at the beautiful wonderment that is Sufjan Stevens.

Now, that's one hot bastard.

I feel a bit: afraid of this monster roach

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I'm smoking and watching Scary Movie 2 on TBS and I realize that I just love the sound of David Cross' voice. It just makes me happy. I also like that little hand the Cabin Boy has.

Today, I took Ginger to get her shots updated and get some heartworm prevention stuff. I'm happy to spend $84 on my girl.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photo op in the front yard, boo!

Our show goes up this weekend and I'm a little nervous. I forgot that I have to work tomorrow so I'm worried showing up late is going to hinder my confidence for Thursday when we open. If we do another installation of Stand-In sister I'm pretty sure I'm going to decline. I don't think I can work with Gayle again. I've got this funny feeling that this woman thinks I'm a complete idiot and nothing I do seems to please her. I feel like her daughter. Oh, my mom never treats me that way. I'm just imagining a self-center, alcoholic mom.

Well, I'm keeping this short because I want to continue smoking and watching my horrible movie. Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with Deisha and her new daughter, Lily. I've stenciled a set of one-sies for themCollapse )

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My pièce de résistance, Ode to Strangers With Candy. Deisha should be beaten with reeds because she has never seen an episode, but I'll excuse since she just had a cesarian. When I give these to Deisha, I'm going to present my copy of the SWC box set so she can watch it while she's cooped up there with her baby. At least Lily will start out right.

This is a quote from the episode where Jerri and Tammy were issued a real baby to care for as a school assignment. This is when Tammy was suggesting to Jerri that they budget their spending so they can afford things for the baby. Jerri's response was, "Babies don't cost money, they make money. Especially those little white ones."

I feel a bit: stoned

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Good morning. What a lovely day. I haven't slept at all last night and it doesn't bother me that I'm now going to start another completely deprived of rest.

GOD how I've missed you. You. My own monitor. My own keyboard with functioning keys. My AIM. My LJ. My MySpace. GOddamn, my life was worthless without you. But fret no longer. I've hooked it up. I've finally, after more than a year, got you back into my life. ANd yes, it was a tough journey, one filled with fear and monsters. Monsters to be fearful of.

You're here. I still can't believe it.

WHere do I start? How do I begin to tell you everything that I've been wanting to say since Sept '05? How about I moved. Three times. Yeah. Bullshit. But at least I can say that I once lived in the downtown ghetto of Atlanta. I love how it's now becoming the fancy schmancy Castleberry Hill neighborhood. I wonder how fancy they'll think it is when they see prostitutes working right outside of your kitchen door (TRUE STORY!) or when they wake up to find that there are three different piles of human feces on your door step. Could all three be from one person? Could the three piles belong to three separate owners? Dammit! These were the things I had to deal with living down there! That, and the booting. I was booted four times while living in that castle berry SHITE. Fuck that shit. NEver again.

I moved back to East ATL and to a house that was too damn good to be true. Two houses away from my best friends and cheap as shit. Everything was going great until a rep. from some bank showed up with papers stating that the house was under foreclosure and we needed to be out. This was only our 3rd month of living there and we were furious. We thought about suing our landlord, Greg Ahsmore. But we decided to sell all of his appliances in a yard sale instead. RIght down to the ceiling fans.

SO now we're down the same street but I must admit, a better house. Of course it's a hot shitty mess from not unpacking most of my stuff, but that's to be expected. I have so many great plans for this house. I don't plan on leaving it for a very long time.

How goes the love life? Well, it's going just as you'd imagine. Very dull. There was a tumultuous time where I was "having an affair" with an older man. THe affair went on, shamefully, for about 3 or 4 months. I did love him, but not enough to break what he already had apart. I told him I couldn't see him anymore. That it was getting to complicated for me. My feelings for him grew with each night we spent together. But my guilt took over me once he walked out of my door. I just couldn't do it anymore. I can't say what would have been if he weren't with his girl. But I do know that I miss him. I miss him a great deal.

WOrk has been ridiculous.. All I want to share right now is that I'm going to be moving to daytime shifts soon, which means I'm gonna be banking like a muther fucker. I can't wait. It's gonna be some hardcore, seriously fucked up hard work, but I'm concentrating on the rewards:
- Tattoo
- Ginger's operation (cut that vagina off!)
- new comp desk
- full length mirror for room
- new monitor
- dvd player for bedroom
- materials for my dining room project
- new bed frame
- set of drums
God, the list goes on and on! I needs to stop needin' stuff. That's just GOTS to be a sin!

I'm starting my no-sleep day with buying my bitch some dog food. She's lickin her empty bowl and I don't have a damn thing to put in it. Poor thing. She has such a horrible mother. After that, I'm checking out that gym Clarence goes to. I looked it up and they don't sound half bad. ANd while cruising their website, I realized that I know one of the trainers that work there. Maybe he'll be able to hook it up! Heh ehehheheh...

Well, I'm so glad you're back. WE'RE back. I've missed, missed, missed you. You're always there to give me a creative, emotional outlet, as if you were a real human being. But you're better than a human because you never judge me, but then ten times worse than a human when you tell complete strangers all about my little insecurities and odd habits.

It's all good though.

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I really, really miss writing in my LJ. You keep me sane, LJ!

I'm over at Leah's house again. She's beginning to suspect I only come over to use her computer. Both she and Greg are at work and I'm sorta puppy sitting while I'm online. The least I can do for them while I'm here.

So, what's new? Well, I've decided to quit my secret shopping job. It's beginning to be next to impossible to do with my car being so fucked up. And since I don't have money, there's no telling when I'm going to be able to fix it. Sorta catch 22, but whatever.

Sorry guys, no more free beer from me.

Well, that seems to be fine with jacksonmang. Glad to get a message from you. Do you still have the same phone #? We needs to hang, my friend.

*smoke break*
Oh! I have a fantastic story!Collapse )

I'm planning on making these tshirts soon. It's going to read:


And it will have a picture of a donkey wearing boxing gloves. I will sell them for $10. $5 will go to the Democratic Party and $5 will go to me. Lucky people will get one FOR FREE. Sexual favors will also be taken as payment (This means YOU).

So, Greg, Leah and I are going to see Xiu Xiu tonight. We are going to have fun as always. Maybe you'll be there, too?

P.s. It's the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. Pour a little out for him tonight, will ya?

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Human feces was found in front of our home the other day, nestled sweetly between mine and Spring's cars. I was lucky enough to have my shoe gently graze the very top leaving just enough feces on the bottom of my heel to make me want to yammie. The night before, I watched 2 men tediously try to figure out how to hot-wire a car that had previously been broken into the night before that (a brick had been thrown through the back seat window). When I tried to call 911, I received this message: *musical tones* CINGULAR WIRELESS. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again. I'm glad I wasn't in the middle of dying or anything.

Yeah, life has been throwing me some hardcore shit lately. And I must admit I haven't been handling it that well.

Something's gotta change.

However, there are some good things going on in my life. James and I have written two episodes of this hipster radio soap opera we're trying to produce. EAST SIDE STORY is something Rob, James, and I came up with while smoking and and chillin and has the potential to become something really great. It's already casted, we just have to plan out recording and all that. With this recent shit storm James and I are living in, it's been really hard to find time and/or motivation to sit down and do it. That's why we've gotten Deisha to be our Production Manager. She'll know what to do and she'll tell us how to do it.

Hopefully, we'll have the first episode ready to pitch to 88.5 by Feb. but we might end up with March.

So what's it like? We mostly try to include everything scenester/hipster/emo/college/20-something related. We're trying to include every young stereotype from the University Greek System to the vinyl-collecting music snob. The queer feminist to the white supremacist.

Yes, I said white supremacist. HAHah.

Maybe I'll post a copy of the script up here one day.

Other good things? Well. I have good friends who make me smile constantly despite how I feel inside. And I cut my hair really short. You can even see my tattoo!

Well, I'm gonna head out cuz I'm at Leah and Greg's house. They let me use their computer while they were at work but I've been here since 2:30 and now it's 8:30. I don't think they wanted me to stay that long so I'm gonna dip before one of them gets home. I just keep finding things I could do on the internet! Hahaaa.

Here's a picture of me for good measure.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm out.

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Another delightful night to add to the collection of Adventures of Leah and Cherry,

I'm at Leah's house right now, and for some reason every time I spend the night here I wake up way later than I want to. Last night we went to see Rob's show, Relations Unknown, which was nice. Rob did a wonderful job as always, but I thought the show as a whole was a little cheesy. But hey, what more can you expect with a play whose characters are made up of mostly ATL midtown fags and their hags. I liked all the location name dropping like Blake's and Piedmont Park. It reminded me of *ESS.

After that, Leah and I ate our weight in seaweed salad and sushi at Ru San's. We agreed that our server was one of the hottest asian males to exist so we tipped him heavily.

I thought our night was coming to a close when Leah called Greg and he told her about a party in Home Park. I know right? Where the hell is Home Park? I remembered it's by Tech. Nuff said. Why would we want to go to a Tech party? Well, for one thing this party was supposed to be HUGE. It advertised 10 kegs and was affectionately called The Marshmallow and Blunt Roast. Very tempting. We decided to go.

We walked into the backyard where a huge tarp hid the massive crowd from the street, I clever tactic we all agreed. A metal/punk band of sorts was playing in the house and there was someone spinning fire outside. The only word I kept thinking was MASSIVE. Leah and I were excited to see that we knew 1 or 2 people there, we weren't completely lame. After 20 minutes or so of standing around drinking the High Lifes I buy for my job, we conclude that this party, though gigantic in stature, sucks. We don't know anyone else, everyone looks either underage or geeky as a mother fuck, we couldn't find and weed, and it was cold.

Right as we were about to yank Greg's arm to leave, two guys approached Leah and I in a sad attempt to start a conversation.

"Hey ladies, this is Alex! He is the bomb, ladies. I'm serious." Alex looked more like a baby powder commercial than any kind of explosive to me.

We shook their hands and Leah introduced herself to them as Leah. They didn't hear her so she then repeated herself, "PIA!"

"Ya know, like Pia Zadora." I said. Thinking back, I'm sure these dudes have NO idea who Pia Zadora is.


That was when I became Sherry and when the other guy (whose name we've forgotten) said "Oh, we'll get drunk off of Sherry!"

Leah and I laughed like crazy with every impromptu answer we gave to their questions.

"How old are you guys?"
"We're 27."

"My friend Alex has a thing for Asians."
"I'm from Spain."

"Where do you work?"
"I work for CNN. The offices of the CNN Center not broadcasting or anything."

Greg finally rescued us and we left the party laughing our asses off. Pia and Sherry will always have a special place in their hearts for little Alex the bomb and his drunk friend who was desperately trying to get him laid.

We got back to Leah and Greg's, smoked and watched Half Baked. I fell asleep around the time Killer gets killed and I woke up when the last joint Thurgood is about to throw off the bridge starts talking to him. I didn't want to drive home so I stayed the night.

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